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We are your
best option in
Business Success

Trusted and Professional Advisers for your Business

We are your best option in Business Success

Trusted and Professional Advisers for your Business

Our Services

Correa Consulting understands that starting and maintaining a business can be extremely difficult, stressful, and overwhelming. So, we want to help you with whatever you or your small business will need to continue to succeed.

Listed below are the services we provide that will prove to bring guidance on your journey to financial success. If the service you are looking for is not specifically listed, give us a call! We are your one stop shop to business success.

Tax Services

Every individual and every business in the United States have one thing in common, and that is they need to pay taxes. Taxes may be very intimidating and stressful, but at CTBS we take all the worry away. Our licensed tax preparers or consultants specialize in finding the best forms, schedules, and filing requirements to maximize your return. We like to meet with all our clients and build a relationship where we can confidently guarantee a carefree tax season. Become one of our (insert client total) who are proud to be represented by Correa Consulting.

Business Consultation

Correa Consulting prides itself with the relationships we build by sitting down and really understand what you want to accomplish with your business. In any size, a business consultation can be beneficial in reflecting on your company performance. We will give you professional advice on ways to approach the next step in your company.


In whichever industry a business may be consider in, we can almost guarantee that licenses will be needed to operate. However, which licenses does your company need? As business experts, we can tell you and even register your company for every license needed to get started or to continue to be successful.

Payroll & Bookkeeping

Payroll and bookkeeping is necessary to see your business performance and to accurately report your financials for tax purposes. Maintaining a good system, however, can be very time consuming and cut into your time growing your business. With Correa Consulting we will manage and accurately accomplish maintaining an efficient system to organize your receipts, expenses, revenue, and payroll.

Business Registration

If you need help registering your business, Correa Consulting will file everything your company will need to be viewed as a legitimate business. Creating a corporate book with accurate minutes, registration, board members and shares information. For your company to be treated like a corporation or LLC, it will need to act like a corporation or LLC. That’s where we come in.

Other Services

If the service you are seeking is not listed, we are sure we can still accommodate your business or personal needs. Correa Consulting has a great and diverse team with different skills to support your every need. If you are looking for public notary or enrolled agent services, we can provide you with the best representation in Oregon.